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WWE Intercontinental Championship Belt Designs History

Over the years, the WWE Intercontinental Championship has had a number of alterations. Some people have even called for the WWE to combine it with the United States Championship. The Intercontinental Championship was a significant rite of passage for many performers.

It is important to dominate the mid-card. Younger fans might be unaware from all scenarios. Holding the strap typically resulted in a brief appearance in the main event scene. So, it was also a predictor of who the next major star of the WWE may be. Each belt of an intercontinental championship is listed below in order.

Who is the current WWE Intercontinental Champion?

The current WWE Intercontinental Champion is Gunther. He is the champion of WWE intercontinental championship.

List of WWE Intercontinental Belt:

1. Off Color Stap - Intercontinental Title

One of the more recognizable championships is this variation of belt with the black strap. A few celebrities changed colour of the strap in the 1990s. The personalization really degraded the belt's appearance. This title was also used with yellow straps in The Ultimate Warrior. The belt looked a little too toy-like despite the nice variety of colours.

In the balance between "sports and entertainment," the various coloured straps appear more "entertaining." Although it appeals to a younger audience, which appears as a legitimate sports title, doesn't match it in general.

2. Intercontinental Championship redesign (2019-Present)

Intercontinental championship's new look is not "terrible." It also didn't take the title to a higher level. The fact is, this belt has started to appear in the background of WWE programming. It may be contributing to its problems. The blue earth pushed to the front of the plate was another feature of the IC belt that always stood out. A benefit of the larger plate is that the "earth" has been pushed to the back. It also detracts from the design.

3. Red Intercontinental title (1986-1988)

The only difference between this title and the one that came after is the red "WWF" emblem at the top. Red made the firm name stand out but also gave it a more traditional appearance.

Most people will remember Randy Savage for his reign with this title. This belt was infamously damaged by Savage using Brasso polish

4. Classic Intercontinental Title (1988-1998)

There are countless luminaries who have held this edition of the Intercontinental Title. It looked so wonderful around the ruins of all the legends. Its design endured for a decade. The ladder match between Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels are held. It is one of the greatest Intercontinental Championship contests of all time. It included this championship as well.

5. The Oval Intercontinental Design (1998-2011)

This title was rocked by several luminaries of the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Era. It was completely redone and used as a secondary belt overall. The word "Intercontinental" never really meant much in terms of adding value to the person who held it. This belt benefited from the inclusion of the other continents.

6. Green Strap (1984-1986)

This iteration of the IC title was present in the WWE for two years. This belt significantly improves upon the title's original design. for sake of its larger front plate. The strap on this second incarnation of the title is a little too narrow. So, the green hue complements the title beautifully.

7. White Strap Intercontinental Title (2011-2019)

Cody Rhodes desired the Intercontinental championship referencing the belt he grew up seeing. One of the most beneficial changes to a belt in the contemporary age was this one. Once upon a time, Shawn Michaels wore a belt with white straps that was nearly identical to this style. For almost ten years, the business would use a very similar variation of this belt.

8. The World Wide Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Title (1979-1984)

Despite being the most significant belt in its lineage, the original Intercontinental title is also one of the worst-looking models. This belt was worn by legends like Pat Patterson and Pedro Morales. But it is unmistakably a product of its day.

The thin strap appears more delicate than eye-catching wasand is better suited to be a watch than a belt. It being replaced by Tito Santana in 1984. This version of the belt was only in use for five short years.


As a result, The WWE Intercontinental Title has had many changes over the years. This belt requires changing similar to every other championship belt. In the wrestling business, evolution is inevitable. Given that it has been in place since 1979, this alteration may turn out to be better or worse. In wrestling, fan likeness is a significant measurement. Therefore, the belt's design and name are always taken into account.

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