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Best Place to Buy Replica WWE Wrestling Belts

A championship belt having a superb belt design is still considered in this modern era. From the 1900s to 2022, people observe every belt of the championship. Each champion has its unique belt. the quality of the belt depends on the worth of the champions. That why wrestling has a significant place for every belt.

However, some championship belt designs have been incredibly poor and deficient. On the other hand, certain championship belt designs have been so beautiful and seductive that fans still long for them now. lets discuss the belts of WWE.

What is the Value of a WWE Belt?

The WWE belt may cost anything from $10,000 and $100,000. Many collectors consider the owner of the belt when determining the belt's value. Additionally, they will evaluate an item's price in relation to that of like or related products available on the market.

Many collectors believe that the WWE Heavyweight title is a very rare object.As a result, the World Heavyweight title frequently commands a higher price than other belts or titles.

Are There Real Diamonds in The WWE Belt?

WWE titles come with Swarovski crystals that closely resemble diamonds rather than actual diamonds. They do not contain real diamonds. It wouldn't make sense for the belt to have real diamonds on it. It is given that the WWE utilises the belts as props. Additionally, adding genuine diamonds to the belt will raise the price of making these belts.

The WWE adopted the John Cena-inspired style as a main stay. It not only made the title flashier but was also well-liked by the audience. An authentic HD WWE belt costs roughly $5,000 to produce. The cost would not be reasonable for a prop if real diamonds were included in the calculation. Swarovski crystals provide a realistic appearance and feel. It is impossible to tell through the TV screen.

List of WWE Belt

1.Winged Eagle WWE Championship

There will never be a championship belt more recognisable to fans of a particular era than WWE's Winged Eagle. Some of the greatest WWE wrestlers include Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, and Hulk Hogan. They have had the honour of wearing the belt. The belt had a globe and an eagle on its circular centre plate. The belt's eponymous moniker came from the way the eagle's wings peeked out from the top of the middle plate.

The WWE logo and other motifs were etched into the rectangular side plates. The belt was discontinued in 1998. It was replaced by a larger, more modern version known as the "Big Eagle." Fans didn't necessarily dislike the revised version, but it fell short of the "Winged Eagle's" legendary position.

The Million Dollar Title will always stand out among wrestling championships due to its distinctiveness. It was designed as a personal belt for Ted DiBiase. He was upset that he was unable to successfully defend his world championship. It was ideal for him, and despite the fact that it wasn't frequently defended. So, there weren't many champions. It still made its mark on WWE history.

3. NXT UK Championship

It is with an intricate golden design and glimmers of red jewels. It is encapsulating the traditions and integrity of British wrestling. He didn't fall into the trap of WWE's other designs from around the company. This was in an era where championship designs are rather simplistic in the WWE.

The reservations of the NXT UK brand itself has benefited from a number of lengthy championship reigns. It is making it one of the more unique belts in contemporary wrestling. It is unquestionably one of the better championship designs in the current WWE.

4.Big Eagle WWE Championship

This belt was a symbol of the Attitude Era. It has many wrestling fans. It probably preferred it to any other title out of nostalgia for that era's excellent wrestling. The globe in the centre signifies the company's global reach. The iconic eagle from earlier versions is still there.

There was a truly unique atmosphere surrounding the championship. It was massive and spectacular, and anyone who held it looked like an instant star.

5.TNA World Heavyweight Championship (Third Design)

TNA needed some time to perfect their global title strategy. The previous design, which was but had silver writing instead of black, looked jumbled. With just that one small difference in colour, an ordinary title might look respectable, whether it had a black strap or a white one. The black writing made it fit with the general tone of the belt.

Whoever held it was made to feel important. It has a majestic sense about it. It made a brief comeback recently to the delight. It preferred it to the current Impact Championship design. It is undoubtedly lacking in comparison to this one even though it does represent the best period of TNA in a very long time.

6. AEW World Championship

When AEW announced their World Championship, no money was spared. It makes the title appear to be worth a million dollars. It is unique among modern wrestling events in terms of height and stature. It gained prestige by having the one and only Bret Hart introduce it.

The belt is always glistening and exudes a sense of majesty. Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, Kenny Omega, and Adam Page have been awarded the privilege of holding the belt. It feels extra significant to hold considering the young of the organization.

7. NWA World Television Championship

Throughout its history, the NWA has had some really stunning championship belts. One of their best creations to date must be the World Television Championship. There have been a few different iterations of this championship. They basically share the same layout and have only very slight variations. The focal point is slightly longer. It has a crimson banner encircling the gold letters.

The side plates stand out well, with the CBS and ABC emblems appearing on two of the four. The championship is still utilised by the NWA as an active title. It has previously been held on both red and black straps.

8. WCW United States Championship

The United States Championship was the second-most sought-after award in WCW. It is similar to how the Intercontinental Championship is in WWE. Legends like "Ravishing" Rick Rude, Diamond Dallas Page, and Sting have won and displayed it with pride. The WCW version was upgraded. Then, the original United States Championship from the NWA was still quite stunning.

An eagle was positioned in the middle of a triple-stacked centre plate. An image of the United States in the colours of the American flag sat above the eagle. The WCW logo and an American flag were elegantly etched into the side plates. It is a truly beautiful design. WWE just changed the look of the United States Championship. It undoubtedly pays homage to earlier designs like this in an effort to make it stand out.

9. NWA 10 Lbs Of Gold

The NWA's standard-bearer until 1985 was a domed globe championship belt known popularly as the "10 lbs of Gold." In its prime, champions like Dory Funk Jr., Harley Race, and "Nature Boy" Ric Flair proudly displayed the title. It featured a domed globe in the centre of a rectangular centre plate.

To emphasise the championship's global significance, the side plates featured the names and flags of other nations. Ric Flair would retire it in 1985, but organisations have brought it back again since then. The NWA title belt, which has recently been wielded by people like Nick Aldis and Cody Rhodes, is once again the top prize.

10. Big Gold World Heavyweight Championship

it was clear that the new NWA World Championship would be better than the old one." Massive Gold" is a big gold belt. It has two side plates and one large centre plate. It is living up to its name. All three plates of the belt are embellished with gems and exquisite etching. One of the longest runs of any title was Big Gold. It is the only significant World Championship title that is defended on a pay-per-view for WCW, ECW, and WWE.

11. WWE Undisputed Championship

The pro wrestling industry was in a state of change when WCW shut its doors in 2001. Chris Jericho combined the two titles in December 2001. Until he was defeated by Triple H and given a new title belt, Jericho held both belts.

The Undisputed Championship's centre plate was more rectangular. It featured an eagle and a globe in black and gold. There were five side plates with various patterns etched into them. The Undisputed Championship was held by notable champions like Brock Lesnar, JBL, and The Undertaker. They had a brief run but are still one of the most beautiful belt designs ever.


In this post, we provide a comprehensive explanation of WWE Belts. Real diamonds or gold are used in the WWE belts. The genuine WWE Belt has intrinsic value that cannot be replaced. It details every detail of its type. WWF championship belts are all thoroughly addressed. I hope that will be a helpful read.

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