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What is AEW Championship Belt?

This event is the world championship in professional wrestling. AEW stands for the establishment of the American promotion All Elite Wrestling. The current lineal champion is CM Punk. He was promoted for the AEW Global Championship. The champion in waiting is Jon Moxley. Punk is recovering from an injury he sustained around the beginning of June 2022.

What Does The AEW Championship Include?

Since its inception, the businessman has only won six professional championships. The AEW Women's World Championship, the AEW World Tag Team Championship, the AEW TBS Championship, and the FTW Championship are all part of it.

Belt design Of AEW:

The centre of the enormous centre plate clearly features the AEW insignia. Behind the emblem, a diamond outline is discernible. Above the theme are the words "WORLD." Below it, the word "CHAMPION" is visible.Under this banner is a nameplate bearing the name of the reigning champion.

The two long and slender inner side plates are again centred with the AEW sign. The globe's other half is seen above this logo. The opposite half is seen beneath this logo. The inside side plates resemble the two side plates on the outside. However, they are somewhat smaller. The belt was based on the North American Heavyweight Championship.

How much is an AEW belt worth?

This is a well-kept secret. We know that the belt was made by renowned designer Dave Millican. He also created championship belts for the UFC and most of the belts used in professional wrestling. In a 2014 interview with CNN, he said that entry-level WWE replica belts go for around $1,000.

Overview of AEW Championship Belt: Quick Details


It is made up of Brass, Zinc Alloy, Steel, Dye Cast or Custom Made.


AEW belt has customized colors.


AEW belt is made up material that is Eco-friendly.

Plate Material:

Plate is comprises of Brass, Zinc Alloy, Steel or Dye Cast.

Strap Material:

The strap material may vary from Genuine Leather Or PU. It may also depend On Customer Demand.


Belt has usually customized size. The AEW belt can make in different sizes.


AEW belt is usually used in wrestling.


Plating is done by 24k Gold Plating, Normal Gold Plating, Nikel Plating, Custom Made


AEW championship belt has Custmized Logo.

List of AEW Championship Belt

FTW Championship

Taz started carrying the FTW Championship while claiming to be the legal World Champion. The title was combined with the ECW World Heavyweight Championship in 1999. He removed from the schedule before Taz brought it back to AEW for Brian Cage.

The black strap with the orange plates doesn't appear to be out of place with the AEW. The competition itself appears to be more unprofessional, which Taz did in the 1990s. The FTW Title was established as an unofficial substitute for the top championship. Its layout perfectly represent that purpose.

TNT Championship (First Design)

The TNT championship was won by Cody Rhodes. He defeated Lance Archer in the last match. The fan base did not like the placeholder title. The title appeared cheap due to the flashy silver-on-red style. The final product was far superior. It was shown to Cody in August.

Fans were forced to bear with this belt. This belt appeared to have been made in a DIY workshop until the final belt showed up. The black used in the word "TNT" appeared to be an oversight. It is a deliberate design choice. The silver plates were cheap. It was impossible for the audience to truly understand Cody's satisfaction. He was satisfied in winning the championship.

TNT Championship (Final Design)

The AEW TNT Championship was a new championship. It was introduced by AEW in late March 2020. It also established an eight-man. It eliminate tournament to choose its first winner. The championship match set for Double or Nothing in May 2020.

Before Cody had access to the championship's final design, it took some time. The pattern was greatly enhanced by the addition of gold and the textured plate. The side plates and the gold-accented 'TNT' were also an improvement. The red strap is still unattractive. The championship design was also poorly regarded by fans. They often covered Cody's excellent work as TNT Champion.

Women's World Championship

There are some design issues with the Women's World Championship as well. The plate and strap design prevent it from reaching greatness. Even it has kept the tag-team and men's world championships' signature. It had black-and-gold appearance. Simply, the egg-shaped centre plate is too small. The entire design appears to have been stretched vertically to accommodate the strap.

The numerous side plates have a similar style. But due to their modest size, they nonetheless look nicer. The title has a hefty black strap. It get together with the embroidered borders. It gives the impression that it would be harsh to touch. Although AEW belt design is undoubtedly unique. The design is a little off for AEW. The black-and-gold colour scheme is still really effective.

World Tag-Team Championship

Without a doubt, the best tag-team division in all of professional wrestling is found in AEW. The black and gold colour scheme is kept in belt design. The massive centre plate attracts attention to its beautiful pattern right away. The AEW symbol stands out the use of silver.

The side-plates have a similar pattern. The gold-studded strap gives the impression of world's best tag-team.

World Championship

The centre plate of the very magnificent championship has a distinctive form and design. A truly stunning championship belt is produced by the use of silver and gold. It forms a gold-studded outline. The larger side plates give the design a sense of continuity by appearing to be extensions of the centre plate. The black strap is only occasionally visible in order to emphasize the presence of gold.


We define the AEW championship in this page. It provides a thorough explanation of the championship belt features. I hope it's an interesting read for you.

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