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Wrestling WWE Title Belts Replica for Sale

This is an interesting and novel historical era for WWE fans who love title belts. After years of unite and eliminating championships from the organization, the WWE has reversed direction. The roster of the company splits into two separate live shows. The WWE has added more new titles recently than at any previous time in its history. A new cruiserweight division has also been introduced. So, let’s have a look on WWE titles below.

WWE Titles

Belts are bearing championships. They are the image that comes to mind when the phrase "pro wrestling" is spoken. They are symbols of their organisations. They have a close relationship with champions themselves. The belts, which act as visual metaphors for the entire enterprise, are central to many of the tales.

What is the Biggest Title in WWE?

The WWE Championship and the Universal Championship are the two most significant belts in the WWE. Despite the WWE Heavyweight title's considerably longer history, the Universal Title still has equal importance.

The Universal championship still has a big impact on the industry. The fact is that many could argue about Brock Lesnar's decision. It only defend it three times a year undermined its legitimacy.

1. WWE Intercontinental Championship

The current version of the historic Intercontinental Championship was first introduced by champion Cody Rhodes in 2011. It quickly established itself as my favorite modern belt. The white leather strap which pays homage to one of the belt's previous prototypes. It immediately jumps out due to its striking and unusual design. The overall design has its accents of blue on the globe and gold on the plate.

It is both classic-looking and wonderfully clean. The sideplates are a lovely homage to wrestling's heritage.It's simply a belt, yet it looks classy and refined. It's common for wrestling fans to remark that certain performers' waists "would look terrific". It looks amazing on just about everyone. None of the other WWE belts can compare to how unique and elegant it is in comparison to the others.

2. WWE United States Championship

United States Championship belt is the least popular of the WWE belt designs. It reads "This is the simplest and fastest of all the titles. Any heel wearing the belt can rapidly trot down the USA. It get jeers thanks to the star-spangled look.

I like the language because of how well it expresses the notion with its prominent placement. One of its strongest aspects, it is the true uniqueness for the company. It is completely separate design and visual pattern from any of the other belts. It is the ideal quality for all belts. That is the reason, it is famous among fans.

3. Raw Women’s Championship

Becky Lynch, is one of the top female stars in professional wrestling. She is the Monday Night Raw women's champion and probably one of the best performers overall. Becky's continued appearance on Raw. She pursuit of the Raw women's championship will be incredibly beneficial to WWE.

The most valuable title for female wrestlers in the organisation is the Raw women's championship. Ronda Rousey held onto even while Lynch was on SmackDown Live. Although SmackDown Live stars like Charlotte and Asuka are well-known. Raw continues to be the benchmark for women's championships.

4. WWE World Championship

The current appellation is simply "WWE World Championship." This belt was debuted in 2014 after the merger of the company's two most important titles. It was the first to have the same basic pattern. It now shares with three later editions. It at least maintains some novelty. It is being the only black-strapped book in the firm. It find appealing because it gives a sense of severity.

However, the fundamentals of this design have certain flaws. Wrestling fans have regularly criticized the idea to make the logo visible on belts. It is given to athletes and celebrities to wear in public displays. Wrestlers are carrying it on red carpets and award ceremonies. The final product is still a useful belt.

5. SmackDown Women’s Championship

Recent belt for the SmackDown Women's Champion isn't worth much discussion. While the blue does have a fantastic aesthetic all of its own. It complements the SmackDown logo. it's merely a different colour scheme for the Raw Women's Championship. It also unintentionally looks patriotic. Like the American flag, although this isn't really a problem.

Its fundamental issue is that design fatigue is a constant concern. It would have been more challenging for WWE. It implement a different belt shape or basic design for this championship and the Raw Universal Championship (more on that to come). It would have truly helped them stand on their own more competently. This one is forced to fade into the backdrop as a result.

6. WWE Cruiserweight Championship

The newest belt in the WWE hasn't had much of a chance to be seen yet because it's only been in use for a little over a month. It has a distinctive design. they didn't utilise it to develop another venue for the world championships because that would have been absurd. However, the execution is only fairly average.

The aspect of the belt that perhaps stands out the most at first glance is the purple colour. It is a continuation of the purple emblem from the WWE's Cruiserweight Classic. Despite being the division's official colour, purple nearly seems to fit in better next to SmackDown's blue than Raw's red. It only occasionally appears. The main plate is peculiar heptagon shape. Overall, the colour scheme and design convey the idea that this is a "fun," lighter-hearted belt. It may be appropriate in a category where the winner is revealed to a Mega Man remix. Even though this fashion isn't the most traditional or classic.

7. SmackDown Tag Team Championship

The SmackDown Live tag team scene was fantastic starting in 2019. When fighting against The Usos, The Bar and The Bludgen Brothers were tremendous champions. The Bar was divided. The Usos were dropped from the WWE Superstar Shakeup, and New Day missed time due to injury.

As a result, the only remaining real tag team on SmackDown Live that currently holds the championships. Due to the dismal tag team situation on SmackDown Live, The Usos from Raw had to be brought in to give the champions a challenger for a pay-per-view bout.

8. Raw Tag Team Championship

Most wrestling fans detest these belts. It has fine texture belt.However, this belt should be the first to go through a redesign out of all the company's belts. Enough time has passed since their debut that it would be plausible to launch a brand-new belt while also leaving the SmackDown version alone.

9. WWE Universal Championship

There has been a lot of criticism of the most recent WWE worldwide title. It is only broadcast on Raw. It is well-founded. The crowd's response to it once it was revealed on Raw was, to put it simply, impressively united. It is considering that it was something they had just seen for the first time. The main issue, in my opinion, is the pattern and texture of the primary plate. Although the ripple effect can be seen on a few other world titles and women's belts. It is not near as noticeable and inconvenient as it is on the (stupidly named) Universal Championship.

The title is similar to Todd McFarlane's Spawn's face due to that and the use of just one shade of red, or, as many wrestling fans joked, Shinsuke Nakamura's red leather jacket. The sideplates' globes, which offer a gorgeous red counterweight in the Raw Women's championship or the WWE World Championship but are too close to the strap's (also red) colour here, in my opinion, add to the visual overload of one colour. It just feels slightly wrong, and its colour and style are too similar to those of the Raw Women's Championship. The top prize at WWE's premier event needed to be something that stood out from the rest of the competitors. Of the four variations of the same design, they got the worst one.


WWE 24.7 Championship is the newest title. It is display on WWE main roster. It initially surfaced online, people made fun of it and derided it. The new championship was introduced by WWE with the help of hard-core veteran Mick Foley. Many fans promptly criticised for its gaudy appearance.

But WWE wants it to be the contemporary version of the 24/7-defended hardcore belt. The WWE 24/7 title has a distinctive past. Although the hardcore title has a large fan base. The hardcore aspects won't be important for this belt. They have just been used thus far to make jokes. Due to the five ownership changes over the past two weeks, it is the WWE title with the least stability.


In this article we explain what WWE championship is. It explains all information about Titles. All the current WWE titles are discussed thoroughly. Hoping you find it informative read for you.

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