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WWE Intercontinental Heavyweight Wrestling Championship Belt


Before this championship belt, the intercontinental heavyweight title had a less appealing belt. This wrestling belt is extremely captivating, engaging, and more attractive than the previous belts. The new Intercontinental Heavyweight Wrestling Championship Belt helped the intercontinental championship gain much more relevance and a strong presence in the wrestling world. The appealing layout and exquisite design depict an extensive class that represents the true champion. If you are a fan of WWE, then you must have a dream to carry this beautiful belt at least once in your life. What if we say that it’s time to make this dream come true? Yes! We are presenting you with the high-quality replica of the Intercontinental Heavyweight Wrestling Championship Belt. 


More About this Item:

    - Plate Thickness - 2MM & 4MM
    - Leather Thickness - 3-4MM
    - Real Leather Strap
    - Adult Size 50'' Long Leather Strap
    - Chrome Plated Plates
    - Weight - 2-4Kg
    - Tip on  End


    The championship belt is the finest quality replica belt that defines the same appearance and class you would have seen in the original belt. No one can differentiate between the original and this replica wwe belt intercontinental. Our craftsmen invested their years of experience in crafting such an iconic masterpiece. The Intercontinental Heavyweight Wrestling Championship Belt is a stunning item that you can use to honor the champions in your life. Moreover, the wrestling belt is perfect for giving as a birthday gift to your child. The immensely low price of this wwe intercontinental championship belt makes it easy to afford for everyone.


    Additionally, you will get a big discount on ordering this replica

    championship belt in the next 72 hours. 


    So, don’t waste this amazing opportunity. Dial the given phone numbers on this webpage and order this Intercontinental Heavyweight Wrestling.


    If you have any queries regarding our products or want to contact our support team for suggestions, simply follow the link mentioned in the menu and get in touch with us without following any intricate process.



    WWE Intercontinental Heavyweight Wrestling Championship Belt

    $150.00 Regular Price
    $90.00Sale Price
    • 2 - 3 Business Days

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